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You can enjoy Brûlée sparkling wines in many different ways.

Brûlée sparkling wines are very tasteful and delicious by itself!

To impress your guests on a party or celebration some very tasting cocktails can be made with Brûlée sprakling wines. Some serving suggestions are:

A famous, traditional aperitif from Austria; a fresh cocktail, perfect for sunny times.


  • 30 ml Elderflower syrup

  • 60 ml Brûlée Sweet Sparkling Wine

  • A dash of sparkling water (optional)

  • Lemon or apple slice

  • Fresh mint leafs

  • Ice cubes

You prepare Hugo in a big wine or Champagne glass.
First put the ice cubes in the glass, add the elderflower syrop, then add the Brûlée sparkling wine, lemon or apple slice and finish with the fresh mint leafs.
Stir carefully and ready for serving! Add a dash of sparkling water before serving to make it a bit lighter in alcohol.

Kir Royal
If you do not have the Brûlée Kir Royal or the Brûlée Sweet Rosé available, you can make a perfect pink and tasteful pink Champagne cocktail with Brûlée Sweet Sparkling Wine.


  • Creme de cassis

  • Brûlée Sweet Sparkling Wine

Choose the mixture according to your preference.
The international standards prescribe 10 ml creme de cassis on 90 ml Brûlee sparkling wine. More common is the mixture of 20 - 30 ml creme de cassis on 70 - 80 ml Brûlée sparkling wine.

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